Addresses and Bank details

OOO «AMS-Partner»
INN 7705265383 (Taxpayer ID)
KPP 772101001 (Code defining the grounds for registration)

Legal address/Post address:
109472 Moscow, Chugunnyje vorota str., 19-1-108
Actual address:
109428, Moscow, 2nd Vyazovsky proezd d.16
Phone: +7(925) 007-31-12
OGRN 1027739757935
OKPO 18869589
OKVED 60.24.2

Account in RUB:

current acc. 40702810438000019550
SBERBANK, Moscow, Russia
corr.acc. 30101810400000000225
RCBIC 044525225

Account in EURO

Beneficary Bank: SBERBANK
Benefeciary’s bank address: Moscow, Russia
Beneficiary’s bank SWIFT: SABRRUMMXXX
Bank correspondent: Commerzbank AG
Bank correspondent address: Frankfurt am Main
Bank correspondent account: 400886657600
Bank correspondent SWIFT: COBADEFF
Beneficiary’s account: 40702978638001001636

General Director: Svetlana Eremina (Mrs)
Chief Accountant: Svetlana Eremina (Mrs)