Our fleet consists of trucks Mercedes-Benz Actros, meet ecological standards of Euro 5 and tilt semi-trailer Kogel mark of 90 m3. All vehicles are testing regular pre-trip inspection.

Specifications of Semi-trailer Kogel Cargo SN 24

Onboard three-axis tilt trailer air suspension Kogel Cargo SN 24 P 90 / 1.110.




Dimensions and weight


Allowable possible fifth wheel load about 12,000 kg
Technical possible fifth wheel load about 12,000 kg
Permissible axle assembly load about 24,000 kg
(8.000 kg per axle)
Technical  possible axle assembly load about 27,000 kg
(9.000 kg per axle)
Permissible gross weight about 35,000 kg
Technical possible gross weight about 39.000 kg
Tare weight of basic equipment about 6.250 kg
Weight empty in the configuration about 6,548 kg
payload about 28,452 kg
Wheelbase (A) about 6.390 mm
Axle base (A1) about 1.310 mm
Axle base (A2) about 1.310 mm
Wheel truck (C) about 2.040 mm
Total Length (D) about 13.950 mm
Length of a body inside (D1) about 13.620 mm
Total width (E) about 2.550 mm
Inner loading width (G) about 2.480 mm
Front overhang radius (N1) about 1.240 mm
Platform loading height laden above centre of axle assembly (H2) about 1.210 mm
Lateral inner through-loading height (K) about 2.680 mm
Front overhang radius (N1) about 2.040 mm
Rear swing radius (O) about 2,300 mm
Fifth wheel coupling height laden 1120-1270 mm
Tire Size 385/65 R 22,5